i woke up like this ((flawless))
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what the fuck i just watched the new game of thrones and i’m so mad over the scene where jaime rapes ceresi???? this wasn’t in the book and it literally serves no purpose in the show i don’t understand why they added it especially since jaime is seen as the ‘good guy’ and people are already defending this scene

Track: Sleepyhead
Artist: Passion Pit
Album: Chunk of Change


You were one inch from the edge of this bed
I drag you back a sleepyhead, sleepyhead


When you start changing your art style

i just drove home from my parents house and i’m so hungry but nothing is frickin open on easter sunday


(original by Flikkerlicht. I like my versions best ;) )


Track: Do I Wanna Know
Artist: Chvrches



Chvrches // Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys)

can’t listen to this now but I’m reblogging in the hope that it’ll be good